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Handy ƒΏ
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Lenz Adapter
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5.6/7 inch TFT

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Handy ƒΏ
Price : US$1,300.00 FOB JAPAN
@@@@@@Made in Japan
(1) The special model with lighting :ƒΣ14mm ~ 100mm(excluded control parts)
(2) Using 1/7 inch, 340,000 pixels, color CCD, you can see high-definition, high-resolution picture.
(3) Video Output signal is NTSC. Connection with common television is possible by the attached AV cable.

‘ Examples of use


1.CCD Camera with Controller.
2.AV Cable.
3.AC Adapter(I/P:100V`240VAC,O/P:12VDC) : Japanese specifications

‘ Appearance, Size

AC Adapter : Japanese specifications

Sensor @ 1 / 7 inch CCD
IR Cut Filter @ Attached
Indication Pixels @ 340,000 pixels
Pixel Pitch @ 4.52 ƒΚ‚~4.52 ƒΚ‚
Scanning Mode @ 2F1 Interlace
Video Output Signal @ NTSC Composite Video
‚eield Angle @ 51‹iLevelj, 39‹iPerpendicularj
Focal Distance @ f =2.1mm
Brightness F = 2.9
Material CCD @FCamera CoverFAluminumAController CoverFABS
Cable Length @ ‚Pm
Cable Diameter @ F4mm
Weight 60g@(Without A/C Adapter)
Operating Temperature/Humidity @ F0`40Ž / 20`80“RH@(Without Dew@ Condensation)
Power Supply @ DC12V
Input Current @ 110mA

About use
i‚PjClose-up@and magnification use
@@@@Working distance:
@@@@@@@@Standard lens F20mm`
@@@@@@@@With Lens Adapter(option)F1.5`3mm

@@Image sample by Handy ƒΏ@@@

(‚PjLens Adapter(4 adapters/per set) for higher magnification.

Price@FUS$72.00/set(4 pcs)@FOB@JAPAN
@@@@@@Made in Japan
Magnification by Monitor Size and Lens Adapters
Adapter Magnification by Monitor Size and Lens Adapters Field Range
Field Range
5 inch 12 inch 14 inch 19 inch 21inch
1 pc 25 60 70 95 105 3.4~4.0 3mm
2 pcs 60 144 168 228 252 1.2~1.6 2mm
3 pcs 115 276 322 437 483 1.2~1.6 1.5mm

(2) Side-View Attachment

Price : US$260.00 FOB JAPAN
@@@@@ Made in Japan

i‚Rj USB@Video Capture
If you would like to connect the CCD Camera with P/C, you can use this USB video capture.

@@@@@@Made in Japan
Video input signal NTSC/PAL
Power input From USB port
I/F(interface) USB2.0 based
Frame rate VGA(640Hx480V)30frame/second
Dimension 37x57x23mm,
Operating environment EPentium4 1.7GHz
@irecmendation 2.0AGHz )
EPentiumM 1.7GHz
EMemory: 256MB
EOS: Windows XP Vista
Attached soft USB driver
Attached USB cable cable length 500mm

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